What We Do
With automotive experience dating back to 1980, we’ve seen and done it all.   
We are well equipped to handle any and all of your automotive needs.  Listed
below are some of the many operations we perform.

ENGINE    Timing belts, Engine replacements, Rebuilds, Minor repairs ,
Cylinder heads and gaskets,   All or any Gasket and seal replacements,
Diagnostics, Customization.  Etc.

BRAKES     Brake pads and shoes, Rotor and Drum resurfacing, Master
cylinders, Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Anti-lock brake Diagnostics and Repair,
Bleeding and adjustments. Etc.

STEERING    Tie-rod s and links, Pitman and Idler arms, Power steering
pumps, belts and hoses, Steering  gear boxes and Racks,  Alignments. Etc.

SUSPENSION   C.V. Joints, boots, axles, Shocks and Struts, Ball joints, Control
arms, Sway bar bushings and links. Etc.

DRIVE-TRAIN      Transmission Replacements/Rebuilds/ Diagnostics, U-joints,
C.V. Joints/boots/axles, Differentials, Hubs, Wheel bearings.  Etc.

ELECTRICAL     Starters, Alternators, Batteries, Power windows and other
accessories,  Complete Electrical Diagnostics. Etc.

COOLING SYSTEM   Water pumps, Radiators, Hoses, Thermostats, Heater
cores. Etc.

AIR CONDITIONING  Recharging, Diagnosis,  Compressors, Condensors,
Evaporators. Etc.

MAINTENANCE     Timing belts, Serpentine and Drive belts, Tune-ups, Oil
changes, Fuel Filters,  Fuel Injection system flushes , Cooling system flushes,
Transmission flushes and Services, Transfer case and Differential services,
Tire Rotations, Valve Adjustments, and much more as per manufacturer
maintenance schedules.* All maintenance operations performed by our shop
comply with manufacturer’s warranty.
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